Good afternoon everyone! We hope all of you had  a great Easter with your families. Our Crimson children are still on a  holiday mood and have been sharing their activities over the weekend with their friends.

The koalas  had brought something for show and tell and had enjoyed the attention when they had a chance to speak in front of the group. They also made some Easter bags for tomorrow’s afternoon tea.

The kookaburras focused on some literacy activities mainly spelling their name and identifying letters as well as tracing.

Our platypus friends had engaged with matching game using Aboriginal cards and also did some story telling using dream time stories. Following that, the group participated in connecting parts of the world map and also some mobilo and lego construction.

Meanwhile, our possum friends did egg  and spoon race that promoted their sense of belonging, sharing as well as cooperation.

We are all excited for tomorrow’s event and we hope to see you all there!



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