What a beautiful day at Aqua today. It was a sunny morning and the children had lots of fun in the garden. We set up a shop at the cubby house and it was so nice to hear the children talking to each other about how they visit Coles with their parents. They spoke about the yummy food they buy there. Leo and Isaac even bought an ice-cream, and we could see they really enjoyed eating them.

Inside there was some amazing new cotton sand added to the children’s experiences. The children were amazed by the feel and the teachers were told ‘’its soft’’ as the children explored it.

We can see many of the children enjoyed this sensory play experience.

Charlotte really enjoyed making a big circle with the chalk.

Alegria and Annelise made the biggest tower with our work experience friend Ella.

Amelia shared a lovely bag she brought from home and shared very nicely with her friends.

Sand play was a big hit and the children decided they would make a car wash to wash the dirty cars.

Trish helped the children make a wonderful road for Ethan as he just loves to play with the cars.

We are incredibly lucky to be able to hold the afternoon Easter tea and it was amazing to have all the community together. It really makes it feel like a big family. They children enjoyed many activities and the Easter hunt. Thank you to all our parents who could make it and enjoy the time with us.

What an amazing afternoon, it’s a pity the rain came and broke up the fun.

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