It was nice to hear the children talking all about the Easter tea this morning as they arrived at school. They would have been quite happy to have another easter hunt to find more chocolate.

The morning started as always with the Aqua children exploring the experiences set out for them.

Iris and Nishka had some time making lovely circles on the paper.

Alegria and Georgia really enjoys the dinosaurs and was happily playing at the table with them.

Annabel made a large tower with the stika bricks. She was super excited to show Donna them when she finished.

Pasha joined Remi to complete some puzzles, they used fine motor skills and coordination skills to complete them. They are getting very good at completing them without the help of the teachers.

Group times was full of stories and songs. They children are really starting to display amazing listening skills as they join the teachers at group time.

Again, the cotton sand was a big hit. The children loved exploring it. Today we added some recycled toilet roll holders, and the children pushed the sand in and laughed as it came out the other end.

Sophia B enjoyed drawing with the markers, she holds her pen very well and made amazing circles.

With Alejandra the children enjoyed some water play. They used syringes which are amazing to develop fine motor control and sucked the water up and squirted it back inside. Leo, Isaac and Thomas got so excited they decided to wet each other.

Joey really enjoyed the puzzle with the magnets. She could control the stick to pick all the animals out and then back in.

What a fun day. Have a nice evening and we will see everyone tomorrow.

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