Today was a beautiful sunny day in Aqua. The children had so much fun in the garden. We chased bubbles around this evening with Donna and even played with some water, we dipped our feet in it to cool down.

This morning while the children arrived we had lots of fun with the cotton sand. Sophie, Iris, and Molly really enjoyed exploring it. They picked it up and let it fall back down onto the table.

‘’Like rain’’ Molly said as she let it drop down.

Outside the cubby house was a fun place to sit with our Doll’s and pat them. We also had the shop today again and the children were seen feeding the baby dolls.

The Dinosaur table was very busy, a small group gathered to explore them together.

Some of the children enjoyed a story time with our work experience teacher on the mat.

Teresia really enjoyed exploring the cars on the mat. She played for at least 15 minutes.

The children had lots of sport playing with the mother duck and the babies. Celina and Amelia sang the song for their peers as they explored them with the blue water.

Group time was full of songs today. The children especially enjoyed Nita’s song with her props of Old Mc Donald Had a Farm. Afterwards they explored the frogs with her. They used the stick to rub along the frogs back to make the sound.

Learning center time the children had the opportunity to explore a sensory sand box with recycled material and spoons. They enjoyed filling the rolls to the top and then letting it fall out the bottom. The children got super excited as it made the shape of a sand castle.

With Komalpreet the children enjoyed the experience of making their own bracelets.

With Liza the children started to explore Aboriginal signs, they listened and looked at the symbols Liza showed them and then matched them. What a interesting experience to be exploring.

Annabel displayed amazing cognitive skills as she sat to complete the puzzles on the table.

Isaac became the fire fighter and put the fire out for Nicholas.

Molly and Isla had fun playing chef in the kitchen. Komalpreet was very lucky and received many different foods at the table. Her favorite was cake.

What a fun filled day we had. Have a wonderful weekend Aqua Families.


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