Welcome back from the Easter Holiday! Hope you all had a great time with family and friends!

Today we have a new friend to join our Emerald Family!

Welcome to [drum roll……] Emily! We can’t wait for sharing happiness with you!

We started the group time with Ting Ting and Ekta, we sang a lot of songs and read stories. We learned to sit in a group, listening to the teacher; we talked about different animal names and counting!

In the learning center, we did Easter bunny art and craft; children put the glue on the Easter bunny and stuck the cotton balls on top. This learning experience promoted children’s fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and extended the Easter celebration!

In the outdoor yard, the other children were busy with the Easter bunny marbles painting. The children moved their arms to manipulate the tray and observed the marbles ran on the Easter bunny. They were curious when they saw the marbles made the marks on the Easter bunny! This learning experience promoted children’s gross-motor skills, bimanual coordination, the concept of cause and effect and extended the Easter celebration!

On the other side, children had a lot of fun with the coloured sand painting; they were excited to see the yellow and green sand in the big tray. The Emerald children had an opportunity to show their creativity in this learning experience, some of them used the tree sticks as a painting brush, and some of them used their fingers! This learning experience promoted children’s sensory skills, creativity and learning with peers!

In the free-selected section, children were free to engage in different activities, such as holding the tea party in the home corner, playing toys with friends, interacting with Marshmallow and free drawing etc.

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