Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another week with us here in the Aqua room. What a lovely relaxing morning we had with morning tea in the garden and self directed play with both indoor and outdoor open with the wonderful weather we are having for the start of the week. Some of our activities to start off the day were Puzzles: enhancing their problem-solving skills.
Construction with cars: enhancing their social skills by sharing and turn-taking
Making warm coffee in our morning coffee shop: reflecting their imaginative and creative play focusing on self-identities and awareness of turn taking.

In group time, the children enjoyed listening to stories about emotions with Komalpreet, singing the weather songs and animal story book with Natasha whilst others enjoyed singing the days of the week with Liza promoting their counting skills. The group time allows children to enhance their whole-body concentration as well as their listening skills.
For our learning center activities today we focused on the children’s interest of Farm Animals. This has been a growing interest of the children and today we enjoyed making one of the farm animals which was a sheep by gluing cotton balls onto our little sheep that we will be using in our sheep song later on in the week, . Trish also did some farm yard animal painting and Alejandra did some drawing using textas to further extend the children’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination,
After lunch some of the children participated in meditation to relax their bodies using different props such as feather, soft scarf and a ball. Relaxation and meditation promote children’s mental health and enhances their physical abilities and promotes opportunities to self regulate. .They also have this time to chat among their friends and reflect upon the morning with educator guided discussion groups.

For the afternoon we took advantage of the lovely weather we are having and had afternoon tea outside and a play in the sandpit and large motor skill games such as running, hopping and jumping obstacle course,

Hope you all have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow,
The Aqua team.

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