Happy Monday everyone! Our crimson children had a great time engaging in different activities based on children’s interest, spontaneous discoveries and some were extension of prior learning.

Our kookaburras focused on developing their fine motor skills through pre-writing exercises. Children were not only encouraged to write their names but also their mother’s. In addition, children engaged with threading using different letters to do their names and mums’.

The platypus focused on extending the sustainable discussion and decided to make our own recycling station. The group painted a box with blue and will designate a spot for our recycling station.

The possums decided to learn more about Australia, following Arya’s visit to Tasmania. The discussion went to talking about different states. They also had a chance to do a matching game of the states of the country.

The koalas meanwhile, begun talking about the Anzac commemoration whilst using their cutting skills by creating a soldier craft as they cut the pieces and tried to stick them together.


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