We are happy to see the Emerald children are hitting their developmental milestones one by one, such as from sitting, crawling, walking to running, and from making sounds, single word to a simple sentence etc., so glad that we are a part of it and share all of these precious moments with children and families!

Today the Emerald children participated in the group time with different teachers, we learned to take turns, respect others and had a joyful time with teachers and friends.

In the yoga section, children were excited to move their body and jumping with the hula hoop. Children are enhancing the gross-motor skills, balancing skills and listening skills in the Yoga section.

Dancing also is a vital part of the day, the Emerald children are more than able to tell the teacher what song they wanted to dance and they were really enjoyed the music time with friends!

In the learning center, children had opportunities to engage in various learning experiences, such as Easter egg painting, sensory tray and marking marks with feet.

In the free-selection time, children engaged in the ring puzzle, sound toy, sandpit play, water play, car game, dramatic play and physical activity etc.

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