Happy Friday!

Emerald children participated in the group time with Ekta, Ting Ting and Affa. They paid attention to every single story and song, as well as interacted with the puppet.

Dancing time! Emerald children came from different directions when they heard the music. They loved to dance five little monkeys jumping on the bed, baby shark, sleeping bunny, and here comes the bear etc. They showed the age-appropriate gross-motor skills to wiggle their bodies, open and close their arms and jumping up and down!

The yoga section facilitated the children’s gross-motor skill by rolling their bodies, stretching their arms and legs, and twisting their waist etc.

In the learning center, children participated in colour matching, playdough, free painting, sensory play and water play. These learning experiences are stimulating the children’s cognitive, fine-motor, creativity and sensory skills, as well as social skill.

In the free-selected section, children enjoyed playing with friends on the climbing frame, block building, sandpit play, maze toy, sensory toy and reading. They are enhancing the social skills day to day by sharing toys and building friendships!

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