Hello everyone! Its been quite a busy day but everyone enjoyed and took advantage of the cool and sunny weather today.

The kookaburras decided to continue focusing on developing their literacy skills including pre-writing skills. They have practiced spelling their name as well as their mother’s name. they have used paddle sticks to trace the letters written by Anne and have been involved with some sharing of personal experiences with mum and their families during their holidays or over the weekends. In addition, the group participated in an experiment about colours using shaving foams and food colours. They have mixed the foams and the primary colours and have come up with different shades of secondary ones.

Our platypus group had an extension of previous experience regarding different occupations as they participated in dramatic and role play. They have explored what these occupations do and had a discussion with Gail about their responsibilities too. They also have shared what would they like to be when they grow up and why.

The possums have had the chance to utilize their creativity through poppy craft experience. As the ANZAC day is fast approaching, the group began to talk about what the commemoration is all about. The children also had an opportunity to direct their own play, as they explore different learning spaces.

The koalas read some book about dinosaurs based on children’s interest and extended the topic into creating beautiful dinosaur crafts that they proudly showed to their friends. They also learnt a new song entitled, “The dinosaurs are marching” and have been copying the actions from Sony whilst pretending to be dinosaurs.


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