Although it was rather cold this morning the day soon warmed up and it was another beautiful sunny day at Aqua.

A small group joined Trish on the car mat and made a big road with bridges to drive under and over.

Zachary enjoyed some time in the kitchen making ice-cream. He told Donna it was a ‘’strawberry ice-cream’.

Some of the children made breakfast for Reeti, Alegria was the chef and enjoyed cooking for her peers.

Amelia and Charlotte explored the markers and made many shapes on the paper.

Outside Nishka and India explored the blocks and the sandpit area. India made many things in her pan, while Nishka made a big tower.

A small group joined together to complete the puzzles displaying cognitive skills.

For these next few weeks, the children in Aqua are completing a big group project. It is all about the farm and the animals that live there. The children already have started to be creative and make the barn, grass with animal prints and the sheep.

They have started some stories all about the farm animals, the two books we are exploring at group time are ‘’Mrs Wishy Washy’’ and ‘’Pop up Animals’’.

There is an animal puzzle to help develop cognitive skills using a magnate to place them in the right place.

We have been learning all about the different sounds we hear on the farm and what sound each animal makes. We used puppets today and put them on our finger, sang ‘’Old Mc Donald’’ and then each said the sound that our animal on our finger makes.

The children have been enjoying this learning experience and we are looking forward to displaying the farm on the wall.

We also used our scissors today to start to strengthen little hand muscles and have independent movements for each finger.

We welcome Alice to Aqua from Emerald, today she spent some time with the staff looking out at all the vehicles, talking about the bus and then took a selfie with with donna,

What a fun Tuesday, we hope you have a wonderful evening.

Aqua Team

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