Happy Tuesday! The children have had a terrific day learning about colours, diggers and playing outside with the balls 😊

We kicked off our day with group time! The children were excited to sit down and chat to their educators, sing together and read books. Robyn brought in her new book about diggers and the children had so much fun learning all about them!

Time for yoga – a great way to encourage movement through yoga poses, stretching and jumping! Today we practiced our animal poses like frog, cow and butterfly!

Colours – today the children used blocks to colour match 😊 This was a fun way to enhance visual memory and language!

All that talk about diggers earlier made us want to do some digging! We used the toy diggers to dig and scoop in the sand pit together!

We had a great time exercising our gross motor skills by throwing and catching the balls in the garden.

What a lovely day!

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