Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to another day with us here in the Aqua group.

This morning we had a lovely start to the day with some singing and dancing inside, and some of the children also helped their educators set up the garden for the day ahead and we also had a lovely morning tea of jam scones and a selection of fresh fruit.

Today to start off our learning center time we sung some songs about “animals on the farm”” and “what animal do you see” as the children talked about the farm animal pictures they were looking at. Some of our activities today were drawing, counting blocks, farm animal collage, animal cards, paper plate cow making,  animal drawing and farm animal puzzles. The children are showing great enjoyment and enthusiasm towards their interest of farm animals and we can’t wait to see where we end up with this  interest project. If you do have any pictures from past holidays or trips to the farm, or animal pictures such as the family pet or a favorite toy that is an animal feel free to email us the pictures so we can print them out and display them on our project wall for all our friends to see and chat about. The children will often take great pride in sharing their moments with their friends during our mini discussion groups and its great to see how excited they are to share their wonderful pictures with their friends.

For the afternoon we made our very own obstacle course with jumping beam and stepping stones and practiced our balancing and large body movements trying not to wobble as we made our way across the obstacle course. This is a great activity to further enhance turn taking and allow opportunities to reinforce a sense of belong to our little aqua community as we encouraged all our friends to have a go and clapping as they finished the obstacle course with all our friends.

We hope you have a lovely evening, and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

The Aqua team,

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