Hello, Crimson families. Children took advantage of this beautiful weather and had a fun, busy day. Of course, we didn’t forget to apply plenty of sunscreen before going out to the yard.


The kookaburras were busy practising their fine motor skill by cutting and pasting magazine, drawing and threading small beads onto the string. They were very focused and engaged in those activities.


Our platypus group enjoyed being a part of various professions. Some children were very passionate about becoming princesses while others were very into becoming a police officer. The hair salon was also very popular.  Besides, the children showed their creativity by painting with toothbrushes.


The possums continued learning about Australia. Arya and Shona were able to correctly answer the number of states and territories in Australia. After, Kavya and Jack did a state matching activity. Meanwhile, the other children enjoyed role-playing as doctors and patients. This role play resulted in a lot of social interactions. It was great to hear them.


The koalas listened to a story about a fire truck and then dressed up as firefighters to deepen their knowledge. The children were happy to put on fireman’s vests and helmets and pretend to put out a fire with a water hose. Well done, little firefighters!

The children also continued to learn about Anzac Day. They participated in a discussion about the Soldiers and voice what they thought about them.


In the afternoon, we celebrated Shona’s birthday. Happy birthday, Shona! Thank you so much for the delicious cakes!!!

What a fun day we had. See you tomorrow!


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