Happy sunny Thursday, the children have had a fun day and where exploring lots of areas.

A group of children joined our wonderful work experience friend Durshi on the mat for some block play. They made the biggest road with her and had fun driving the cars all around this area.

Nishka and Zoe explored the sensory table. They really love the cotton dough set up for them daily.

We build big towers with the blocks. While some of the children enjoyed morning tea.

Maddie really loves to pat her doll and always starts the morning putting the babies to sleep.

Group time we are reading lots of farm animal books. We have been completing a group project all about what we find at the farm.

Della explored the farm animals set up at the table.

Alice has really started to settle and is exploring all areas with some confidence now. She enjoyed puzzle time.

The children made some cow’s to go on our farm with Donna.

We also enjoyed lots of story time with the teachers book.

We had a fun day and hope everyone had a nice evening.

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