Hola! The Crimson children had a great fun engaging in different activities spread out during the day.

The possums extended the topic about Australia and have watched a video clip to deepen their knowledge of the states and territories around the country.


Some of the children enjoyed being doctors and patients as they participate  in role play and a lot of social interaction happened between children as they try to negotiate

The kookaburras focused on literacy skills in which they have used paddle sticks to strace their name and their mums. The children also tried to match the upper case and lower case letters afterwards.

The platypus continued to expand their knowledge about different occupations and what they do. They had fun dressing up and role playing with their friends.

The koalas had a great time doing some show and tell and spoke about the things that they have brought from home.

Justin and Shane also came to extend the planting experience and they have brought plant boxes where they have transferred the seeds.

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