Magandang Lunes sa lahat (Happy Monday everyone)!

Children had done a lot of explorations and discoveries today that we have followed up during the day.

Nicky, Oscar, Finn and Teos saw a dragonfly stuck on the screen on the ceiling and they managed to take the dragonfly down to have a closer look.

The platypus took much interest, so the group had a spontaneous discussion and activities about dragonflies, its life cycle and its characteristics.

The possums extended their learning about the country and have decided to focus on the state of NSW this week. They began drawing something using blue colour and later on will be creating opera house as a landmark to stick on it.

The kookaburras had spent some time in solving puzzles and building blocks and also manipulating some mobilos to create great representation of their ideas together with friends in small groups.

The koalas also did something similar in which they used various materials to create highways, tracks and also buildings.

In the afternoon, we celebrated Thomas’ birthday and we’ve shared a cake that he brought in this morning. Thank you, Thomas and again, a very happy birthday to you!

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