Good afternoon everyone and hope you have had a lovely Tuesday.

Today some of the children joined Trish in the sand pit to start their morning off. They made many sandcastles and drove the large trucks around the sandpit. Joey, Emmeline, Isla and Remi  displayed gross motor control as they tried to balance while walking  along our obstacle course, Algeria, Eliza and Maya, Iris and Sophie enjoyed story time with Drushi, and Jake and Thomas played in the cubby house.

Inside Isaac, Leonardo and Sophie, Sara and Nishka displayed cognitive skills as they completed the puzzles and they are really enjoying the new puzzle that Thomas donated to Aqua. Thank you to Thomas’s family, we love them”

Our New friend Alice has been settling in well, she is exploring many areas and activities. today she enjoyed making play-dough shapes.

In the kitchen the children had fun dressing up. They then cooked some food for Komalpreet and the babies.

Todays group time was full of stories about the farm animals and who lives on the farm.  We have also started to display our farm work on the wall by the Signing in desk if you would like to take a look.

Today with Alejandra we began to make our tractor. There was so much talk about, the sound it makes and the great big wheels it has and we cant wait to create more things from the farm.

Anzac Day is fast approaching, and Liza has started some activities to help extend the children’s understanding about the day. the children were shown a picture of a poppy flower and have started making their own flowers for the day.

Komalpreet spoke about the medals presented to the Anzac men and women and the brave soldiers. The children were then encouraged to make their own medals.

With Natasha the children got highly creative and drew pictures of their favorite animals from the jungle.

We had a very eventful day at Aqua today and wish everyone a nice evening.

See you all tomorrow,

Aqua Team


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