Hola! Our Crimson children started to learn more about ANZAC and the history behind it.

The koalas learnt about ANZAC commemoration through books that were used to introduce the topic and was extended through creative arts and also some sensory experiences.

The possums were engaged with a very interesting Science experiment using baking soda and vinegar for their volcano that they have formed in the sandpit. They were amazed with the chemical reaction after mixing the two ingredients and have been asking a lot of interesting questions that they will extend on tomorrow.

The kookaburras meanwhile were busy with building and construction using bristle blocks and also some magnetic tiles. They were conversing continuously with their friends as they try to create structures together. It was great to see children negotiating with each other and respecting views and spaces.

The platypus had great fun with dressing up as well and role playing. They also begun learning about ANZAC as Gail read them a story and created beautiful poppies.

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