Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another day with us here in the Aqua group.

Today the children started their morning off with some dancing with Komalpreet. They love to dress up and twirl around to the song ‘’Let it Go’’. It is a favourite and is requested often at Aqua.

Alegria displayed her cognitive skills as she completed a few puzzles. Isaac and Thomas also enjoyed completing the vehicle puzzles.  Nicholas really liked the Thomas puzzle and completed it a few times.

Inside there was a library happening, Sophia, Quinn, Charlotte, Amelia IB and Alegria sat on the soft cushions and enjoyed story time. It was so lovely to see the concentration skills as they sat and enjoyed the books.

Sand play is always a hit, and the children love to dig and make many cakes and other things in the sandpit.

The children have been enjoying creative time at the table with a large piece of paper stuck to the table to draw on. They use fine motor skills to control the pencil and make many circles and lines on the paper.

Henry, Sophia and Alegria enjoyed building the house with the blocks. What amazing buildings they made. Alice also joined in and helped build the house.

The children have been enjoying the tent in the garden. Matilda had the biggest smile as she peaked out.

Gross motor time in the garden was a lot of fun. Amelia IB displayed her amazing balancing skills, Nicholas how funny you were with both legs on the beams. India also with amazing balancing skills.

Learning centre time was full of messy play, the children helped Donna make dough using flour, oil, cream of tartar, water, and food colouring.

With Liza the children have started something incredibly special for their Mum’s as Mother’s Day approaches.

With Nita the children made solders helmets for Anzac Day.

We would like to welcome our new friend Rupert who joined us today. He is settling in well and had a wonderful day, he enjoyed the music corner today as well as outside in the garden.

What a fun  Wednesday in Aqua today. Have a nice evening everyone.

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