Happy Wednesday! We have been super busy today and enjoyed different activities and opportunities for learning throughout the day.

We began with group time! The children love to sit down and engage with their educators. Together we read books and played games … and we even gathered around to look at a spider that Robyn had found, it had 8 legs and was so cool to look at!

Our little yogis had a lot of fun during yoga this morning! We warmed up by stretching up high and being tall, tall trees. Then we followed along to our special yoga song and practiced our poses – the girls enjoyed a yoga selfie when our session had finished!

We continued our Anzac Day arts and crafts with gluing and sticking! The children made beautiful poppies and decorated wreaths 😊

The children exercised their gross motor skills by reaching up to stick coloured balls to the sticky tape! Together we talked about the different colours we could see.

We have really enjoyed our Wednesday in the sand pit, dancing and drawing together 😊

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