Good afternoon everyone and hope you had a lovely Thursday,

Today was a lovely sunny day with a little chill in the air.   Pasha started his morning with some play time with our work experience educator Ella. They built a house together out of the large blocks.

Sophia made the biggest tower with the blocks and played for a long time at the table.

Thomas enjoyed some time with the jungle animals.

Today with the children we decided to set up a little outdoor home corner under the trees and Matilda showed a great deal of excitement when she saw the dolls, bags and dress up outside ready for everyone to play with. We observed her carrying her bag around doing shopping for an extended amount of time throughout the day. Nishka also cared for the dolls today. She put the dolls to bed and patted them to sleep.

Inside with Liza the children ofcourse had some dancing and often request this activity throughout the day. They dressed up in our dancing skirts and moved their bodies to the rhythm.

Group time was full of fun stories. The children also sung many songs such as the days of the week, what the weather’s like and they can sing good morning to each other in many different languages.

Natasha’s group had fun picking their favorite jungle animal from her book. They spoke about where they live and what sound they made.

At learning center time some of the children enjoyed the dino small world. Madeline really enjoyed looking at and exploring all the little dinosaurs. Georgia really liked the dinosaur book and read it with our new educator Amandeep.

Some of the children joined Donna to make some more cows for our Farm. We used stick on spots for his bodies.

Nita’s group continue to make necklaces for Anzac Day.

Liza continued to make something nice for all the wonderful Mum’s as their special day draws near.

It was so lovely to see Della and Sophie start a little friendship as they walked around today holding hands. They explored the farm animals and the barn together.

A small group also practiced in a cutting activity further extending their fine motor skills. They are displaying great control and made many slits/cuts  in the paper. Iris could manage to cut lots of pieces of her paper. Very clever!!

What a fun day at Aqua today.

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