Hello everyone! Its been very interesting and meaningful day for our Crimson children as we continue to dig deeper about the ANZAC commemoration.

In the morning, we gathered all the children for a group time and they have watched a short video about the history behind ANZAC day and why we have dawn service. Children developed better understanding, empathy and appreciation of the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought so we can enjoy the freedom we have today. They responded through listening and understanding and afterwards have come up with ideas on how we can keep the peace in our community. And these are the children’s suggestions;

  • No hitting
  • No biting
  • No snatching
  • No kicking

And a few more. They have understood that these things do not show kindness and respect to others.

Children also remembered that they have created medals to honour the bravery of the fallen soldiers and those that survived.

All the Crimson children gathered around the outdoor area with the wreath that the kookaburras did in the middle and recreated a “dawn service” as we played the last post and held the minute of silence. It was a beautiful moment that everyone responded with cooperation, calmness and respect for the heroes of the past.


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