Thursday is here and the children have enjoyed the sunshine outside today!

We enjoyed many group times during the day where our children and educators read stories, sang songs and played with puppets together!

Today we borrowed a pop-up house from Aqua and filled it with coloured balls! The children had so much fun together inside the house and loved playing with the balls. We talked about the different colours they could see and which friend they were going to share with!

Slime! Slime is so much fun and the children are always excited to participate. Today the children explored the slime with some blocks. They had fun pushing the blocks around the tray and moving the slime around with their hands too!

Hickory Dickory Dock! Our little project is getting some mice! The children really enjoyed painting mice to climb up their big clock 😊

What a lovely day we have had! We did some dancing, drawing and digging in the sand pit – what fun 😊

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