Hello everyone! Another great week here in our Crimson community.

The possums had another experiment about colours and this time they had used natural resources they found outdoors and pretended to make potions. Archie was very excited that he was able to come up with colour purple. Others were equally excited to have made the colours of their choice.

The platypus on the other hand, had shared about their experience going to ANZAC service on Sunday where they saw some friends and also some soldiers who were wearing medals. Lily said that the medals were for their bravery! Following the discussion about the ANZAC the children have decided to make medals for the soldiers and have developed deeper understanding of what the occasion is for.

The koalas were keen to share their show and tell toys in front of the group and have shown confidence and cooperation during the activity. They also started talking about what mothers do and why we love them. Elise and Georgia suggested to make a card for mum.

The kookaburras followed up on their literacy experiences as well as engaging in memory games where they have matched the images. They also extended it by naming objects around them that start with the  letter that Arturo had shown them through a card.





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