Hola! We would like to welcome the new members of the Crimson family; Jack on his first day and also Leo and Isaac on their first week of transition. We are excited that our little community continues to grow!

As we children have shown growing interest on ANZAC and the soldiers, we have continued the discussion by baking some ANZAC biscuits. We have discussed why we have the biscuits and the reason behind it.

The kookaburras, possums and platypus had a chance to make their own. They have measured and mixed the ingredients in small groups. We also spoke about each ingredient, what they are for and what they taste like. The children had a great time eating their biscuits for afternoon tea.

In addition the possums listened to the story “Why I love Australia” and have shared what they have discussed so far. Shona, Oscar and Arya remembered how many states and territories were there in the country. Afterwards, the group suggested to do another colour experiment similar to what they did yesterday.

The kookaburras had practiced their phonemes as well as reading some words that rhyme. It was fun as Arturo read the book and encourage children to pay attention to the sounds of the letters and identify the words that sounds the same.

The koalas had great fun too engaging different physical activities and creative experience as extension of their activities yesterday.

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