Good morning! Children had a great and busy day today having been involved in different activities from morning until the afternoon
Justin and Shane came this morning to do a Science experiment. Children made slime using a solution with borax, glue and food colour. Justin had explained well the steps and the process as well as some safety reminders before the session started. Children chose the colour that they like and then later on experimented with mixing it with others. They were very excited and inquisitive asking Justin and Shane about the process and were keen to take their slime home to explore on it further.


Edward, Arda, Maksym and Adeleine concentrating on threading the beads and have chosen colours that they would like to put together.

Nicky and Edward created an amazing structure using our wooden blocks!

Elliot was really happy exploring the outdoor area.

Children created beautiful illustration of what they think and feel for mum.

Jeffrey, Nicky and Dominic feeding our chickens with some left over from morning tea.

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