The children in Crimson have been busy exploring their environment.

The Platypuses are continuing to show an interest occupations and are beginning to extend their thinking to include astronauts, archaeologists, doctors and life savers. This brought a discussion on the many occupations that save lives in various ways. Teos shared police save lives, Lily said “doctors too”, Ava said fire fighters do and the ambulance too.

This past week, we have had a hairdressers/makeup artist set up and today invited the children to use the wide teeth comb to create patterns in various colours. We have also had a doctors/hospital set up with many receiving care. Ava gave Laura her medication and wrote out a prescription.  Arda and Thomas were also very busy in the doctor’s office, where Teos received an injection in the arm. Laura manned the police station, where she later joined the astronauts with the magnetic tiles. Ryan and Teos made a building for their rocket and space buggy. Liam built his own rocket ship with the magnetic tiles and Laura made house/unit with people at the top and a Christmas tree.

Arya and Ava also looked for Egyptian mummies and gems in the sand dig and placed them in to the pyramids.

Children have been busy making their special presents for Mother’s day and Evelyn and Arya used their problem-solving skills completing the pattern blocks.

The Kookaburra’s have been busy with their fine motor skills, threading small beads and also making special mothers day presents and cards, sharing their thoughts.

The Koala’s have enjoyed the sand tray and diggers. Addison and Evan enjoyed making a car park and big shopping centre, with the magnetic tiles, because it’s good for us, they shared. They also have one tired fire fighter taking a rest after working hard.

Charlotte, Isla and Alice enjoyed drawing pictures of mummy today, whilst Alice and Isla also used the cubby as a sleep over house, inviting their peers to join them.  Poppy and Isabelle enjoyed the swing and Isabella fed the chickens in the morning too.


Have a lovely weekend!

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