It’s Tuesday and the children have had a terrific day playing together and participating in different activities!

During our group times, we enjoy reading books together! At the moment, the children are really loving ‘Dazzling Diggers’. It’s so much fun learning all about diggers and the different parts they have, as well as more words that we can add to our vocabulary like ‘scoop’ and ‘crash’!

Yoga time! Today we laid on our bellies and pretended to be dolphins swimming in the water!

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, the children have been hard at work creating beautiful drawings and other crafts for their Mummies.


Playdough! We love playing with play dough in the Emerald room. It’s a fun and sensory activity that the children enjoy. Today we made ice creams!

Today has been so much fun! The children have enjoyed dancing together, playing in the home corner, drawing pictures and reading books 😊

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