Happy Friday! What a great week we have had in the Emerald room! Today the children had a lovely day engaged in activities with their educators 😊

We love to read together during group times and the children love learning with visual aids too! Today we looked at animals, vegetables and emotions!

The children enjoyed yoga with MeiTing today! They showed off their yoga moves and animal poses, followed instructions and exercised their bodies together!

Jasmine always has such fun ideas! The children love to use old formula tins to post lollypop sticks through – what a great way to develop fine motor skills.

Today has been wonderful and fun 😊 We played with cars, playdough and on the bikes in the garden. The children helped to look after the babies and enjoyed taking it in turns to slide down the slide!

We celebrated Rory’s birthday today! Thank you for sharing your day (and cupcakes) with us 😊 We hope you had a lovely day with your friends!

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