The children started their morning of with some dancing. They are displaying creativity as well as cognitive development when they move their body to the rhythm and remember the words to the songs.

Pretend play was a big hit, the children played in the kitchen area. They used the dolls and fed them and put them to bed. The children love to play in this learning space and pretend they are the teachers or their Mum’s. They also pat the babies as they put them to bed.

Annabel and Emmeline Le enjoyed exploring the car area with the garage. They pushed them up and down the slide area and enjoyed making a noise ‘’weeeee’’ as the car went down.

Henry and Isaac had fun displaying their gross motor control. They showed the teacher how great they are at balancing.

Group times the children enjoyed songs and stories. They love when Nita takes the mouse out and sings Hickory Dickory Dock.

Some of the group explored the playdough with the face mats. They made eyes, nose and an expression with the dough on the mats. Isla was super proud of her face and showed her friends.

The children also enjoyed some meditation with their teacher. They love when it is time to chill on the mat and relax their body.

Bonkers Beat has been a big hit and the children are enjoying help Bonkers the monkey to make the beat with the drum.

It was a fun Friday at Aqua today. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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