Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

Some of our Crimson children chose to join Sony for a quick yoga session this morning as part of our routine. They have practiced different poses and also followed instruction all through out the experience that encouraged participation, cooperation and also mindfulness.


Our children had also continued creating beautiful arts and craft for their mums.


Henry blowing some kisses and  capturing it through a small container all for mum!

Some had preferred to participate in physical activities and self-directed play.

Elliot had a great time exploring our sandpit. He was smiling and full of energy as he feel the sand on his body.

Arda, Thomas, Daniel and others used their cutting skills to cut out love hearts that they have used for their special card for mum.

Meanwhile, Teos and Levi shared the threading resources between them.

Joshan, Oscar and Henry were engaging in meaningful conversations as they spoke about what they were making out of playdough and also have exchanged stories about their toys at home.

Jeffrey, Ava and Olivia were on the kitchen are where they pretended to have afternoon tea.

Archie said that created this box as his safe place.

Alexia and Emily practicing their writing skills as they refer to the cards on the table.

Lily, Oscar and Teos preferred to enjoy the sunny weather in the sandpit and used some trucks and other sandpit tools for imaginative play.

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