It’s Tuesday today! The children have had a great day learning about healthy food and playing musical instruments.

We had many fun group times throughout the day and loved reading together 😊

We had a big group for yoga because everyone was excited to join in! The children were enthusiastic about helping each other with shoes and socks and helping to pack away at the end. Today we practiced our snake pose!

Healthy eating is very important and this week the children have been learning all about fruit and vegetables with the help of visual aids and matching games. Today the children painted a lovely red apple and talked about how yummy they are!

We borrowed some musical instruments from Crimson and the children loved playing music together! They used their hands to bang on the drum and to shake the shakers – what fun!

We played with dinosaurs and paint in the big tray today! The children loved using the dinosaurs to stomp along the paper and to make footprints!

What a lovely day 😊

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