Dear families, welcome to another adventurous day in Aqua.

Our day started with indoor self-selected activities, where Isla and Remi enjoyed having their morning coffee and discussed about the Bluey show they visited yesterday. Similarly, Isaac, Thomas M. and Thomas H. demonstrated their great teamwork and built the road for the cars.

The children enjoyed group time with Alejandra listening to the stories and with Liza, children enjoyed listening to “Rocking Robin” whilst with Natasha children loved playing “the Very Hungry Caterpillar Game.” The group time allows children to enhance their listening skills as well as concentration.

In learning center, Nicholas, Henry and Eliza enjoyed painting Poppy and showed interest in learning about flower Poppy. Similarly, some children continued to express their love via Mother’s Day card.

Outside, children showed enthusiasm to know more about our cute pet Marshmallow the guinea pig. We talked about what children love most about Marshmallow.

Claire “I like giving carrots to the Marshmallow!”

Amelia “I like see her run!”

Della “I like holding her!”

Throughout the day, the children continued exploring and participating in learning experiences. Madeline, Tilly and Alice participated in building their creation from Legos, enhancing their cognitive skills. Whilst Molly, Iris and Emmeline depicted their hand-eye coordination with threading.

The children stayed busy by sharing smiles and toys with each other. Hope you all had a good day too.


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