Dear Aqua families

Happy Friday everyone and the close of another wonderful month with is here in the Aqua group.

Many Congratulations to Celina, Isla and Nishka for becoming big sisters. We are so pleased to be able to share this journey wit you are we are so proud of the amazing big sisters you are growing up to be.

We started our day today with quiet activities like reading, fine motor puzzles and other activities as well as Thomas and Isaac enjoyed solving puzzles and Nicholas and Isabel enjoyed playing with the car ramps.

Outside, our friends enjoyed playing  with the diggers in the sand pit.

In group time, the children enjoyed singing good morning songs, listening to stories and discussing about the up and coming  Mother’s Day and how to make it special for all the special women In our families.

during learning centre time the children enjoyed manipulating play dough with their fine motor skills and applying their creativity to creating what they thought of. Georgia with Donna’s assistance made her mom from playdough. And Nishka and Sophie enjoyed making lunch for the bears and crocodiles.

Outside, the children enjoyed exploring the dinosaur world incorporated with fern leaves. Tilly loved the sensory feeling of the leaves and this allowed her to develop the understanding between living and non-living things.

Our dancers enjoyed dancing with the scarfs and showed off their amazing moves.

And our amazing chefs enjoyed cooking together and showed great team work. Well done!

What a great day we had,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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