Happy Thursday everyone, Its nearly the end of the week and days past by so fast.

We started our sunny day with outdoor play in the garden and some table activities and the sandpit.

Celina and Amelia enjoyed riding a car and the digger and pretended to do their respective duties.

Leonardo showed off his awesome Batman moves of jumping, running, and stopping and hopping on both feet.

Children loved listening to some stories and singing morning songs in group time with Komalpreet, Liza and Natasha.

Followed by learning center, the children enjoyed preparing playdough and participated in a colour mixing experiment and hypothesized about the end product.

With Donna, the children demonstrated their physical skills of balancing while pretending to cross the walking beam bridge.

Joey, Isla, Nishka and Alice used their problem solving as well as manipulating skills when engaged with Legos.

And all the children were excited to take a ride on Thomas’s built bus and enjoyed visiting the zoo through imaginative play as well as their own houses and park via bus.

The children kept themselves engaging in the activities and had lots of fun!


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