Wednesday 5th May 20201

Welcome to another rainy day in Aqua.

This morning we took a chance and went out for a play in the morning since it wasn’t raining. Molly and Iris decided to take all their friends to Zoo on the bus they made on the balance beam and have a look at animals we saw from our very own bus.

Inside, some children decided to dance and sing to “Twinkle Twinkle little Stars” by patting their babies. Maya, Charlotte, Sophia and Claire enjoyed patting babies and playing in home corner.

Group time is always interesting, and the children love participating. They sang good morning songs, action songs and songs about the weather. We also listened to stories about what we had for dinner and what is our favourite food.

Annabel “I ate fruits for my dinner!”

Nishka “I ate roti!”

Molly “I helped mummy in dinner time!”

Claire “I ate sausage and mashed potatoes!”

The children showed enthusiasm in our learning experiences.

Della and Emmeline enjoyed cutting further extending their fine motor skills.

Charlotte and Sophia B. participated in making special Mother’s Day card.

Amelia, Celina and Emmeline enjoyed participating in pretend play promoting their social skills and language development.

We also made some beautiful necklaces for our mummies and us to wear and they looked wonderful. The children were so proud of this accomplishment and we will be extending this activity further as the week develops. (Our cheeky children decided to save their Mother’s necklace by putting it on themselves)

Our day was busy and the children showed great listening skills by listening to their educators and what a lovely day it was.

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