‘Rain Rain go away, come again another day’’.

What a beautiful sight watching the children exploring the rain drops. The rain will not stop our wonderful, fun, and energetic Aqua group from exploring outside. Up went the umbrellas as the children laughed while the rain ran off them and into the bucket. It was so much fun catching the drops in the bucket. Alice tried catching them with her hand.

Gross motor fun was happening outside also. The children love to display balancing skills while walking on the beam.

The children also made a slide from the beam, clever children.

Inside Nicholas, Elizabeth, Pasha and Sophia B made a big road with Druishi and pushed their cars around the track. Henry got involved with the cars also.

‘’Donna look’’ Nicholas said ‘’A tunnel’’. As he pushed his green car underneath.

Eliza and Tilly were so cute playing together, they were being Mum and baby. Patting each other and filling their bag with many nice treats.

Rupert showed Donna how he can call Mummy on the phone.

Group times were full of songs, and about the weather today and what will keep us dry outside.

Georgia and Donna enjoyed some stories on the mat while she settled into her Day.

Learning center time was full of fun activities. we explored colorful balls and used our hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills to put them into the tubs or egg cartoons.

‘’We are making eggs’’ Zoe said.

The farmhouse is still a great hit and the children explored and made the noise of the animals. ‘

We started to explore some sea creatures also. Rupert watched the crab; he wasn’t to brave to touch him.

With Donna the children drew a wonderful picture of Mum and them.

Donna asked them ‘’Why do you Love Mum’’? some of the answers I got: –

Annelise said ‘’ do playing’’ ‘’sing song’’.

Alice said ‘’cuddles’’

Alegria said ‘’she makes pasta’’

Elizabeth said ‘’makes pasta me’’

It is wonderful to hear all the lovely responses.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening.

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