Hola! Its been raining since this morning but our Crimson children had equally great fun spending some quiet time indoors focusing in different activities.

The possums had exchanged ideas and home experiences about mum and their family following a story telling of books about what mum does for us. They have shared their mum’s name and were quite excited to make cards for mum.

Children also did some sensory exploration through a playdough activity and also sand box with some tractors in it.

The koalas were very much focused on using sustainable crafts such as recycled paper towel rolls and also some cut out crepe papers.

The kookaburras started creating mother’s day props and also spoke about interesting topics such as the life cycle of the water and the role of the trees when it rains. They have continued the discussion about the weather and spoke about how we can take part in caring for the environment such as water and energy saving.

The platypus were very much involved in measuring using the funnels and other equipment as well as the chickpeas. They were curious how much peas they can fill in the funnels and have observed how heavy they were.


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