Today the Koala group was working on using their fine motor and creative skills to make carp fish streamers. Children enjoyed getting their hands and fingers focused to create these decorative items. They were also happy to have an interactive table conversation about their lives. As an extension of personal interests, they showed their balance skills climbing and walking over the walking board and balancing on one foot at a time.

Possums and Platypus groups joined forces to work together at extending their group theme and interest in Personal Identity by adopting a diversity of role play activities like creating tall buildings and space ships with magnets and other connecting toys. Children extended their interest in sequencing and creating names with their first letter of each name. Some became mothers while others were the father in the Dramatic Play corner. Building with Egyptian shape blocks was another area extending their imagination.

During a group time we all got surprised with our new pet. Tweet Tweet was its name and he was assisted by our friendly animal whisperer Amol, who talked to us about some experiences as a young child living in his village back home. Children also extended this conversation by sharing their own personal experiences with birds and other animals. Then we said “good bye” and he went back home with other pigeon friends.

Kookaburra group worked on giving the final touches to our Mother’s Day presents, and sharing some personal wishes.

Some children used their hands and minds to create personalised games, using a variety of items, utensils and toys. Cars and building a city was also an interest that we all took turns to participate in and work together.

The children explored names and words during letters threading and mathematical concepts such as sequencing as they made patters with colours and letters.

Wishing all the Mums a very Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday!


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