Hello, Crimson families. It was rainy and a bit chilly today, wasn’t it? The children came dressed in warm clothes. Some of the children were even wearing gumboots!


In the morning, crimson children gathered on the mat and discussed the importance of rain. Arturo asked questions such as ‘Why is rain so important?’,  ‘What would happen if it didn’t rain?’, or ‘Who would miss the rain?’. The children shared their answers with their peers.


After the discussion, it was time to sprit to the groups for learning centre time.

Kookaburras started their time with the book ‘Wish upon a star’. They read on while checking the keywords like ‘wish’ or ‘fate’. They also talked about a concept of behaviour such as waiting, or the possibility for the wish to come true. After, kookaburras focused on enriching our fine motor skills and creativity. Social acceptance and sharing were part of their learning today in particularly at the car run game. Children were happy to share toys and taking turns as only three children could play at once.


Possums listened to the story ‘Guess how much I love you’ and discussed how can we show our love to mums. Archie, Olivia, Luca and Henry decided to bake cookies with playdough for mums. Archie and Olivia were in charge of putting the baking tray in the cardboard oven. Playdough cookies of various shapes were made. Meanwhile, Arya, Shona and Isabelle K expressed their appreciation for mums by drawing.


The platypus group used their senses to explore the world. Maddison, Veronique, Lily, Adeline and Liam enjoyed filling the containers with colourful beans. During the play, there was rich social interaction among the children. On the other table, Arda and Viraj looked for Egyptian mummies and gems in the sand.


In 59, Koalas also engaged various activities. Charlotte, Isla, and Charles made Koi (carp fish in Japanese) in honour of the Japanese boy’s festival, Kodomo no hi. On the other hand, Edward R, Saige and Elise added patterns to the carp fish on the paper. The boys had a great time with the cars and garage toys.


Have a lovely evening. See you tomorrow!

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