Thursday has arrived! We’ve been busy creating lovely artwork for our Mummies and playing with our friends. Unfortunately our Mother’s Day Breakfast has been postponed due to Covid restrictions, but we hope to see all our Mums next week instead 😊

During our group times, we talk about how much we love and appreciate our Mummies and explain to the children all about Mother’s Day. We have different books about Mums that help the children to understand!

It was a bit chilly today, but a quick yoga session warmed up our bodies nicely! The children had so much fun following along to yoga poses and using their gross motor skills to stretch and reach!

We played with paint in bags today. It was great exploring the paint by pushing it around inside the bag with our hands and fingers.

We did a lot of dancing today! We used pompoms, ribbons and tinsel to shake along to the music!

What a fun day 😊

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