Welcome back to another wonderful start of the week in Aqua. The children were full of smiles arriving to see their friends this morning. It was lovely to hear all the fun activities the children got up to over the weekend.

Eliza and Tilly started the morning off with the playdough men. We added some googly eyes and leaves and twigs, and the children have been making some incredibly fun people with the dough. They used fine motor skills to add hair with the leaves and arms from the twigs.

Henry enjoyed looking at all the family photos on the wall. He was trying to find his own family and when he did he got so excited jumped up and down.

At 8.30 we all washed hands and enjoyed some morning tea together.

Remi sat with Donna and using her creative imagination drew her house on the paper.

Nicholas is enjoying the new puzzle added to the table; it is a big digger truck, and he enjoys completing it which he does by himself without the aid of the teacher. Great cognitive skills Nicholas.

Outside Poppy and Sara explored the sea creatures. Sara could be heard singing baby shark as she looked at the shark.

Emmeline Foo made a big line with the pegs, while Teresia and Remi explored the castle.

Group time was a hands on experiences, Poppy especially liked Carolina’s ducks, she helped sing the song and found the ducks.

During Learning Centre time, there were some free creative experiences, the children used the leaves to paint shapes on the paper. Emmeline was so focused and made a lovely painting.

Komalpreet’s group had the opportunity to find the letters A, B, C or D and match it with the right letter on the paper. The children displayed good cognitive development as many of them could name the letters.

Carolina’s group used large textas and drew some lovely pictures together.

With Trish, Nicholas and Maya enjoyed playing with large blocks and cars. They made a road together.

Henry helped our Work Experience Student Ella make some sandy dinner with the sand. ‘’Yummy’’ he said as he kept filling it.

Molly and Remi displayed good large gross motor as they moved their bodies to go through the tunnel.

What a fun filled adventures day we had in Aqua. Have a nice evening!

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