Today the children explored so many new activities and it was wonderful to see so many interests within the group.

Katherine brought a doctor set that had syringes, stethoscopes, and many other tools. The children were super excited to explore them. First, Katherine explained what the tools are for. The children where then invited to explore the tools.

‘’It goes bump, bump’’ said Thomas as he held the stethoscope to Katherine’s chest and back.

Henry made the motion with his hand and stethoscope, as he held it to Katherine’s chest.

After the children had the opportunity to be doctors and care for the dolls. We had some very sick babies; they received their medicine with the syringes. What a fun experience for the children.

The children love playdough and today Donna had many helpers. We first mixed the ingredients together. We used flour, water, salt, oil, and cream of tartar. After the ingredients were mixed it was time to put some colour to it, the children love this part, we put gloves on and picked which colour we wanted and then got mixing. The children really enjoyed helping and made some very colourful dough to which we added eyes and feathers too.

The children made many wonderful things with it; Pasha, Celina, and Georgia made their mums.

Group time was an incredibly fun interactive experience today. The children helped Katherine find Spot the Dog, while with Liza they got to meet the new guinea pig and they had special task of naming him. They all decided Sniffles was a good name for him as his nose kept moving.

All the teachers and children at Aqua would love to wish Emmeline Le a wonderful Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Have a super weekend celebrating.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums, Aunts and Grandma’s. Have a wonderful weekend & see you Monday.


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