A wonderful morning to everyone! We hope everybody had an amazing weekend.

Our Crimson children started their day by welcoming each other and remembering all the rules that we have made as a group. Children are becoming more aware and also remembers them as we discuss them frequently during group times. They were also encouraged to look after their own belongings and were reminded as well why it is important to take responsibility of them.

The kookaburras had a lovely morning outdoors as we enjoy the beautiful weather that we have missed last week. The group spoke about the days of the week, the months, their birthday and the current season. Following that, Nicky, Julia and Finn suggested to practice some rhyming words that we had last week so everyone gave an example and also participated in a game about rhymes. It was fun and informative that children were enthusiastic to pay attention to the ending sounds of the words. The group also practiced their phonemes through visual cards with texts and photos.

The possums on the other hand were busy exploring other parts of Australia. As they get to know more about each state and territory, they have decided to move on to discovering more about Tasmania. Since Arya just went there on a holiday, she shared some photos and stories about their trip and how the place look like.

The platypus meanwhile were so focused on learning about fire as they read the books about fire safety, fire alarms and what to do in case of emergency. They have shared ideas about what they have learnt from the book as well as their personal knowledge. Children also enjoyed dress up and role play as they pretended to be doctors treating patients.

In the afternoon, we celebrated Archie and Isabelle’s birthdays and sang them a song and later on have shared the cake that Archie brought in to share with everyone.

We also had the eyesight screening test today and the results are out and you can collect them from the teachers in the afternoon.

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