Hello everyone! Our Crimson children surely had a colourful day today creating beautiful artworks for their mums.

The koalas created beautiful flower bouquets using their handprints!


Saige explored the colours as she mix them up together discovering the secondary colours and more.

Oli helped Shoko in explaining to his friends about the Kodomo no hi (Children’s day in Japan). They have watched a video clip showing how the Japanese people celebrate it in their country.

Arya nd Oli enjoying making their own Koinobori (Carp streamers).

Veronique, Lily, Maddison and Adeleine all enjoying pretending to held afternoon tea for everyone.

Meanwhile, Arda, Imri, Finn and Jeffrey were focused on creating a new “city” and putting up some tracks and buildings.

Euan and others have had a chance to share their news, encouraging confidence in speaking in front of groups. They were excited to show them their toys and describe what it does.

Children enjoyed exploring different activities on the table that promotes literacy, numeracy, problem solving, cooperation and also creativity.

Nicky and Teos suggested to make some playdough so the group then made a new one and as they were mixing the ingredients together, a discussion about volcano came up and how the lave flows from it. Children had also watched a couple of video clips about volcanoes and have raised a question, “Where does the lava come from?”

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