Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We have had a lovely day, enjoying the weather outside and playing together nicely!

The children have participated in different group times with their educators. We read lots of books with Sandra and sang so many songs with MeiTing and her guitar! We love singing along to nursery rhymes, especially with MeiTing’s guitar … it makes us sound amazing!

Yoga with Jasmine! What a treat 😊 The children loved joining in the yoga session with Jasmine this morning. Together they stretched their bodies and warmed up for the day!

It’s Monday and we are back on the healthy eating train! Today the children talked all about different fruits and vegetables and painted some lovely broccoli! Delicious.

We used our gross motor skills today by throwing the coloured balls through the hoop! We had so much fun!

What a marvellous Monday we have had, playing with playdough, driving in the car and exploring the jungle animals in the sensory tray!

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