Welcome to our first official day in Magenta! Everyone was excited to welcome our friendly educator Alejandra who is going to be part of our new group, along with Tima and Sony.

We hope you  had a nice weekend with your beautiful Mum’s celebrating Mother’s Day!

We started our day with group time where children enjoyed singing morning songs  with Tima, Sony and Alejandra and also read a “Superman” story with Tima. Children loved it and ask to read it again. Group time allows children to develop their sense of belonging and enhance their self-esteem. Today we welcomed  our new friends from Aqua. Our new peers settled in very well and started to recognise their friends names as well..

Alice, Levi, Georgia, Elise, Henry, Charles, Leo and Isla extended their knowledge about Mother’s Day by drawing “Mummy and I” with Tima and shared their joy about how they spent their special day with their mums during group time:

Alice: “Gave a cuddle, Daddy made breakfast for Mummy”

Levi: “Breakfast with Mummy and cuddles”

Georgia: “Cake for Mummy”

Elise: “Some breakfast for Mummy with Daddy”

Henry and Charles: “ we gave cuddles and kisses”

Leo: “Daddy made breakfast for Mummy said Happy Mother’s Day”

Isla: “Going outside for breakfast with Mum”

Some children enjoyed manipulating and exploring playdough with Alejandra; interpreting their imagination by using different playdough cutters.

Whilst, with Sony, children enjoyed painting a welcome sign to their new room MAGENTA by mixing different colours to create the colour Magenta using their handprints, which helps to develop their fine motor and sensory skills.

Thank you Frank for lovely lunch, we love yummy Pasta 🍝


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