Good evening everyone and Welcome to Tuesday here with us in the aqua group.  It has been a sunny day today and The children have been exploring all areas of our learning spaces.

Story books are always a big hit in Aqua group. The children love to read, today with Nelina there was a group who sat and read some books together. Alegria and Teresia enjoyed time together exploring the pictures in the book.

Reading has so many benefits for the children, it will help develop areas such as ability to focus, concentration, social skills, and communication skills. It will spark their imagination and help us learn the value of books.

The children are still exploring farm animals and enjoying learning all about them. Today Katherine brought a tractor to add to the farm. Thomas especially enjoyed it and displayed great concentration skills while playing. He took the animals in and out of the back cage transporting them around. He had the biggest smile which tells us he enjoyed the experience.

The children sat in their group with the teacher. As we reach almost halfway through the year, I would like to mention how amazing all the children are now doing with group time and concentrating so hard and how much this skill has developed. They now sit for a half hour while they listen and learn different songs or read many books. Well done to all our little Einstein’s you are doing amazing work.

After group time the children had the opportunity to explore different activities.

The children have been talking about the zoo a lot and the animals. Today with Liza they explored the Giraffe talking about their long necks and the colour of them, they got creative and made their very own.

With Natasha the children also explored Zoo animals, her activity was very hands on as the children picked a Zoo animal from the board and named him. They really enjoyed this experience.

With Katherine the children continued from the previous week and made a doctor office”.

Zoe was discussing with Katherine about the thermometer,  she was referring to it as the time checker. ‘’its where the time goes’’ Zoe said . Katherine said. ‘’What do you mean by time Zoe’?…. Zoe lifted her arm and said, ‘’they put it here (pointing to her underarm) and check the time’’ she indicated to getting a thermometer under her arm. it was so wonderful to see how the children discuss their experiences at the doctors office with one another.

With Komalpreet the children showed an interest in the hungry caterpillar story at group time. The children then had an opportunity to make one, using the circle shape. They were encouraged to name the shape as well as the colours.

So much learning for all the children today. What a fun day we had with many smiles and lots of laughs.


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