Good afternoon everyone! Children had a lot of fun both indoor and outdoor making most of the sunny weather earlier.

Max R., Belian, Oscar T. and Imri all helped in tidying up the outdoor area by sweeping the ground and collecting the dry leaves to be put in the green bin in the afternoon.

The Burns bay shop was open again and the coffee mixer was added. It was a hit for everyone as they pretended to cook food, sell them and also make coffee.


Elliot was happy engaging in his ipad outdoors joining some of the children under the climbing frame.

Lily, Oscar, Ryan and Teos had a great fun exploring the bells as they engage in some music experience with Amol. They sang songs that they like whilst discovering how the bells make the sounds.

Max and his friends were so involved in pretend play using the push/pull cart along our outdoor area.

Archie asked, “Can you please push me around?” Belian nodded and said, “Ok”. The two took turns in doing it as they spent more time in the yard.

The kookaburras learnt about “Where does water come from?” They have branched out the discussion to talking about condensation and also precipitation. They also did an experiment about water changing its state from solid to liquid that made everyone so curious and interested as they observe the whole process.

Isabelle was all smiles whilst her friends sang her a happy birthday! The children enjoyed a piece of cupcake that Isabelle brought in to share.

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